Beyond the 8 Core Drives

The Hidden Core Drive

The hidden 9th core drive is CD9: Sensation

This is not on the Octalysis Octagon because the Octalysis is typically created for an online experience. However, in a real life setting, CD9 sensation is everywhere. Sensation is the 5 senses: touch, smell, taste, hear, and sight.

Anti Core Drives

These are core drives that demotivate people. The regular 8 core drives in theory are all the human motivations that motive people to do something. These are things that will pull students and teachers alike away from the desired behaviors.

The image on the right is a chart of CD being tugged by Anti CD. We see that the user is being tugged both sides.

Here's a CD2 Development of Accomplishment example of how anti core drives comes into play when designing a learning experience with the 8 core drives:

A friend messaged John on a Friday night explaining that he unexpectedly got tickets to a live concert of my favorite music band that evening. John had to say no because he planned a four-hour study session to do very well on my final exam.

Desired Action: Going to the unexpected concert (from John's friend’s point of view)

Core Drive John's friend used to entice him to go to the concert:

CD7: Free tickets to a show that John wasn’t expecting (Core Drive 7: Unpredictability & Curiosity)

Anti Core Drive motivating John to decline:

CD2: The motivation to improve my grades to get into the desired University program.

In this case, the motivation to accomplish (CD2) in school pulled John away from the Desired Action. John was demotivated to go to the concert with his friend even though it was his favorite band performing. That demotivation is an anti core drive. Which many would view as a great choice if he wants to increase his chances of improving his grades to be admitted to the University of this liking.

Anti core drives are not good or bad. It just meaning it is pulling force away with the Desired Action that is encountered in life, in class, or on the screen.

Watch this TEDx Talk by gamification pioneer, Yu-kai Chou. Listen to how he approaches gamification. Although this video is not specifically catering to education, he talks about motivations at a general level.


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