There are multiple ways to get started in developing your gamification craftsmanship

#1 Octalysis Knowledge

Read Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards written by Yu-kai Chou

The goal for this 500+ page book is to become a strategy guide to help readers master the games that truly make a difference in their lives. Readers who absorb the contents of this book will have literally obtained what many companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to acquire. The ultimate aim is to enable the widespread adoption of good gamification and human-focused design in all types of industries including education.

Join Yu-kai Chou and the gamification community on Octalysis Prime

This is a fully gamified platform to learn about gamification and related topics hosted by Yu-kai Chou. Best way to learn gamification is to be immersed in a gamification environment.

#2 Quick Tips

Get creative and invent a story that includes custom avatar

Don't be afraid to get creative. Well known themes is also a great place to begin your epic teaching adventure with your students. Create custom avatars for each student and set your tribe into a grand journey of lifelong learning!

Set up a point system and journey progress

Don't settle just for the boring grading system. You can still use the required grading system to report to the district or the management office. You can have multiple point system simultaneously. Depending on the age, most learners can handle more than one point system. Your system can also be a journey progress like Super Mario Bro. 3 and not limited to it. Get creative and just try it out.

Design a reward system that is practical to execute

Rewards do not also need to be a physical tangible object. According to Gabe Zichermann, rewards can take form of status, access, power, and stuffs. Rewards can be a chance to a spinning wheel, raffle tickets, treasure box, or even a chance to play a game. The milestone reward in a classroom could be a homework pass, bathroom pass, recognition, access to early out, extra credit, etc.

Create groups that will promote strong group spirits

Competitions is not the best cause it's considered black hat motivation. But team collaboration towards a common goal can bring groups into a stronger bond. In intermediate schools and higher, different classes can be within the same common group like how different "year" students in Harry Potter can be in the same "house".

Use the game technique list to help conjure new ideas

Game technique list is a great resource to come up with your own concept. Don't just pick and choose randomly. Use the Octalysis Framework to decide what is needed to optimize to target the learning objective and motivation for the students.

#3 Online Platforms


Class Dojo


Minecraft: Education Edition