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Howie Ju

Author of this website. Designed and wrote the body of text and charts.Octalysis gamification framework was created by Yu-kai Chou, gamification pioneer.Some images were taken in courtesy of Google images and Octalysis.

Howie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Web & Interactive Media Design in 2008 and a Masters of Science in Education Technology in 2020. Between his Bachelor and Master, he ran his family business which was a Peanut Factory based in Southern California for about a decade.

He is a husband and father of two cute children. Howie is a native English speaker and is also fluent in Mandarin Chinese. His hobbies and interests are technology, music, computer, visual design, games, food, and movies.

Current profession Howie is in is the field is in Education Technology particularly in gamification and design. His career goal is to contribute to the transformation of the education industry into a fun and engaging place for work and for learning.

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