Learning Theories

Octalysis Gamification Framework in the 3 Types of Learning Theories

What is "Theory"?

According to J.R. Wormbrod (1986) in the article Learning Theory Overview, theory is defined as:

“a systematic ordering of ideas about the phenomena being investigated ...

The 3 basic types of learning theories are:

Behaviorism theory theorizes that learning occurs in association between response and stimuli. Rewards and punishments repeated over regiments brings change in behavior or acquiring new behaviors.

Cognitivism theory theorizes that learning cognitive structures are actively constructed by learners based on pre-existing cognitive structures. Cognitive structures include visuals, smell, audio, taste, and physical touch.

Constructivism theory theories that learning is constructed within social contexts through interactions with a knowledge community and building information upon information

Although these 3 theories are all uniquely different, they are built upon one another. Each theory may be implemented independently or in conjunction with other learning strategies even with opposing theoretical frameworks. An effective designer taps into all theoretical frameworks to design instruction that suits the needs of the learners and the instruction. This is what human-focused design in learning is all about.

Journey though how Octalysis 8-Core Drives

fits into learning theories: